Birthday of Sri Raghavendra Swamy – 12th March 2011 !!!

Jai Bedi Anjaneya,

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Rathayacha,Bhajataam Kalpavrikshaaya Namataam Kaamadhenave ||

Durwaadi Dhwantaravaye Vaishnavendi varendave, Sri Raghavendra Guruve Namo Atyanta Dayaluve ||
Most people tell only the first line; most scholars infer that these two lines have to be said together to poorna phala as the sentence ends here.
Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Rathayacha,Bhajataam Kalpavrikshaaya Namataam Kaamadhenave ||

Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru is the Able Yati for Archana,Vandana and Aradhana -. Poojyaaya. Always indulged in the Aradhana of Sri Hari – SatyaDharmaRataayacha. Devotees who have
Surrendered fully, for them Rayaru is Kalpavruksha and Kamadhenu. So I here by offer my Sashtaanga Namaskara to this Great Sri Raghavendrateertharu, Mantralaya Rayaru.

Durwaadi Dhwantaravaye ,Vaishnavendi varendave |Sri Raghavendra Guruve, Namo Atyanta Dayaluve ||
Durwaadi – Bad Philosophies causing darkness/ mithyavada etc.
Dhwantaravaye – You are like a sun
Vaishnavendi varendave – For Devotees of Sri Hari; you grant boonts (like a moon to Vishnu Devotees)
Sri Raghavendra Guruve –  O Guru Sri Raghavendra
Name Atyanta Dayaluve – O utmost merciful one, please accept my salutations
You destroy wicked philosophies; like the effulgent sun removes darkness. you are like the moonlight for Sri Hari bhaktas. I salute you O most compassionate one, O Sri Raghavendra Guru !!!
Mookopi yathprasadena, Mukunda Shayanaayathe | Raja raajayathe riktho, Raghavendram tamaashraye ||
With whose blessings even a dumb can speak as eloquently as Sri Adi Sesha(Thousand Headed Serpent on which Lord Sri Vishnu rests) and with whose blessings a pauper turns into a rich, to them, Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamygalu, I’m surrendering my self !!!

* With Sri Raghavendra’s grace one can become a Sudha Pandita .

The birthday of beloved Gurugalu is on 12th March 2011. What gift would you give to our gurugalu who himself is Kalpavriksha and Kamadhenu, right? However, there is one thing which our beloved gurugalu likes and it is reciting “SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA”.
Just like last year, I received this email from “Palimaru Matha” regarding gifting Rayaru the scared chanting of his name. Attached below are the contents of the email as is.
Please take time to chat 108 times each day, and send all the details as requested by “Palimaru Matha”.

(PHALGUNA SHUDDHA SAPTAMI : Saturday : 12-03-2011)
Phalguna Shuddha Saptami is the BIRTH DAY FESTIVAL of
It is customary that one gives out a gift to the beloved on the occasion of the Birth Day. The most liked item or the choice of Sri Raghavendra Swamy is the chanting of
When we chant “SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA”, it is in turn offered by Sri Raghavendra Swamy to SRI VAYU DEVARU    and     SRI RAMA DEVARU. Hence, chanting of  “SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA” is not only liked by “Sri Raghavendra Swamy” but it also fulfils the desires of the devotees because it is delivered to SRI VAYU DEVARU  and   SRI RAMA DEVARU
So, here is a great opportunity to the devotees to participate individually in this program by chanting “SRI RAGHANVENDRAYA NAMAHA” 16,000 times.
Devotees can commence the chanting and complete the same before 11-03-2011 and once you have completed the chanting inform the matter to:

============================= ======

|| SrI rAma || || harE srInivAsa || || SrI rAma ||

|| srI gururAjOvijAyatE ||

Palimaru Matha Web Team brings this saptaaha Mahotsava to you LIVE

High quality (DV) Video/Audio Live from Kustagi

Timings Morning 5-00 am to 11-00 PM Non Stop Day long Live streaming
Log on to www.saptaaha.com Streaming start from (Live) 5th morning @ 5

Please find Invitation Day By Day List of this year saptaaha on this


chant SrI rAgavEMdrAya namaH

kRushNA kRushNA ennalu kaShTavoMdiShTilla kRushNA enabAradE

(if we utterkRushNA kRushNA , there is not an ounce of kaShTa
(miseries), why dont you utter the name of kRushNa)

rAma nAma bhajisidavage uMTe bhavada baMdhana

(is there bondage of rebirth for the one who sings the name of rAma)

In this manner, there are ample number of sayings in
shAstrAs ,purANAs,mythologies and haridAsa’s compositions which
explains the grandeur of chanting the name of Supreme Lord.

Similarly haridasaru glorify the same by saying “nInyakO ninna
haMginyAko ninna nAmada balavoMdiddare sAkO”

SrI rAghavEMdra gurugalu is the world famous great personality who has
chanted such name of sri hari in every birth.Just like the name of SrI
rAma, chanting “SrI rAghavEMdrAya namaH” will fulfill all the wishes
of his devotees.

SrI rAghavEMdrAya namaH ityaShTAkShara maMtrataH |

japitAdbhAvitAnnityaM iShTArthasyurnasaMshayaH ||

SrI Appannacharya proclaims that by either chanting the 8 letters of
“SrI rAghavEMdrAya namaH” or by meditating upon it, all the wishes
will be fulfilled, there is no doubt about it.

“rA” enne rAshi dOShagaLa dahisuva

“Ga” enne Gana j~jAna bhakutiyanIva

“vEM” enne vEgadi janana maraNa dUra

“dra” enne draviNArtha shRuti pAdyana kAMba

he will burn heaps of our faults when we say “rA”

he will grant us with immense devotion filled with knowledge when we
say “Ga”

saying “vEM” drives away the cycle of birth and death

and by telling “dra” one will get to see the draviNArtha shRuti pAdya

In this manner Sri Gopaladasaru has indicated that , every letter in
Sri Gururaja’s name fulfills wishes. Along the same lines, Sri
JagannathadAsaru says:-

gururAjashTAKSharaM syAt mahApAtakanAshanam |

EkaikamakSharaM cAtra sarvakAmyArtha siddhidam ||

Which means the 8 letters of “SrI rAghavEMdrAya namaH” destroys all
the mighty sins, every letter in this name, will result in fulfillment
of all the wishes, JagannAtha dasaru also composed a separate work
named “shrI rAghavEMdra aShTAkShara stOtra” which describes the
results of chanting each letter of SrI rAyara name as below :

chanting of “ra” relieves one from all the diseases,

Chanting of “Ga” enhances longevity, glory and strength of the person

chanting of “va” will result in gain of worldy riches

chanting of “dra” will drive the sins of person chanting

he who chants “ya” will not be troubled by yama

chanting “na” will bestow higher positions

by chanting “ma” one will be blessed with riches equalling that of

rAghavEMdraneMba rUpa tAneyAgi |

rAghavEMdraneMba nAma irisikondu |

rAghavEMdrarinnu mADidaMta puNya…..

above words of Sri GOpaladAsaru has a very deep hidden meaning.

No entity in this creation is independent. MukhyaprANadEvaru, and the
Supreme Lord within him resides in each one of the souls and takes
care of their business. In the same manner, MukyaprANa devaru and SrI
rAmachandra in him resides in rAyaru and fulfills the wishes of
devotees. This fact is proven in shAstras. gurugala name “rAghavEMdra”
encompasses the meanings of these shAstras.

Chanting ‘rAghavEMdra” actually results in chanting the names of SrI
rAma,hanuma and Sri guru rAghavEMdra. if we describe the word
rAghavEMdra as the most revered person in raghuvaMsha then SrI rAma is
“rAghavEMdra” , if we describe the same word as he who has Sri rAma as
his lord, then hanuma is rAghavEMdra , and if describe him as the one
who cleanses the sins of his devotees and protects them, then we are
chanting the most renowned lord of mantrAyala Sri rAghavEMdra. Words
of dAsaru which incldes such descriptive meanings are

Itanoliyalu prANanolivanu |

vAtanoliyalu hariyu oliva |

Ita sakalake mukhya kAraNanAgi irutippa ||

Meditating upon the name of SrI guru rAghavEMDra swAmigalu who is the
most benevolent and who has been blessed with special grace of Sri
hari and vAyu , is like kalpavRukSha and kAmadhEnu to the devotees of
guru which fulfills all their wishes.

Let all of us be receivers of rAyara blessings by chanting this

rAghavEMdra rAghavEMdra rAghavEMdra pAhi mAM |

rAghavEMdra rAghavEMdra rAghavEMdra raksha mAM ||

Palimaru Matha Web Team brings this saptaaha Mahotsava to you LIVE

Please find Invitation Day By Day List of this year saptaaha on this


Seva List

The Samithi has seen and experienced that each year more and more
devotees are participating in this week long Saptaaha Mahotsava.
In order to carry-out these events and also to provide an opportunity
for every individual to participate in this noble cause, the Samithi
is pleased to announce the plan of “Shri Raghavendra Saptaaha
Seva”. The details of the various Sevas are as under:

a) Annadana
Seva 1
day Rs. 10,000

7 days Rs. 50,000

b) Pravachana
Seva 1 Pravachana
Rs. 5,000

Maximum 4 Pravachana in a Day 1
day Rs. 20,000

Including Sripadara
Pravachana 7 days Rs.1,00,000

c) Laksha Pushpaarchana
Seva 1 day Rs. 5,000

7 days Rs. 25,000

d) Sahasra Kalasa

Seva —
Rs. 10,000

e) Pattabhisheka
Seva —
Rs. 5,000

f) Shastra Parayana
Seva 7 days Rs.

Donations / Contributions for the above Sevas would be accepted in
Indian Rupees only and can be made using any of the following options:

Option 1 : Payment by Online Transfer

ACCOUNT NO: 11296400022
IFSC code: SBIN0002755
Bank: State Bank of India,

Branch: Mantralayam.
Account Type: :Saving Bank Account

Option 2 : Payment by Cheques / Demand Drafts

Cheque / Demand Draft / /Pay-Order drawn in favour of S.R.S.K.Samithi,
Mantralayam may be sent to

Archak Parimalacharya


Shri Raghavendra Saptaaha Karyacharana Samithi


Andhra Pradesh – 518345

Donors are requested to provide complete contact details while sending
the cheques so that it would facilitate for proper communication

Prior to the commencement of the Saptaaha Mahotsava, invitation would
be sent to the Donors at the registered address and also arrangements
would be made to send ‘Rayara Prasada’ and ‘Mantrakshate’ by post.

We request the devotees to make use of this opportunity and seek the
blessings of Shri.Gururajaru.

Archak Parimalacharya


Shri Raghavendra Saptaaha Karyacharana Samithi


Andhra Pradesh – 518345

Website: www.saptaaha.com

Email ID: info@saptaaha.com

Phone: 08512 – 279446

For any additional information regarding Sevas / Online Transfer,
please feel free to contact:

1. P.R. Prahallad – Cell No. +91-9901771660 in Bangalore

2. Archak Vyasarajachar – Cell No. +91-9885247362 in Mantralayam


+Archaka Parimalacharya
Sri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samithi
Mantralaya – 518345
Phone:  08512-279446
Cell   :  +91 99864 95989
Email:   info@saptaaha.com
============================== ============================== ===
Upon receiving your information before 11-03-2011,
the total chanted numbers from all the devotees will be offered as a
on 12-03-2011 –  Phalguna Shuddha Saptami – Saturday on the
BIRTH DAY FESTIVAL OF ‘SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY (GURURAJARU)” KUSTAGI  during the Raghavendra Swamy Saptaha Mahotsavam. Rayara Sandesha on your mobile register to saptaaha

Please Click this link
http://labs.google.co.in/ smschannels/subscribe/saptaaha or
Send a SMS like below ON (give one space) SAPTAAHA 09870807070
after completion of japa please fill this form (need gmail account) if not gmail please informinfo@saptaaha.com

https://spreadsheets.google. com/viewform?formkey= dHpucUt1Q3NILVQ5VWNLdWVoVnJzX3 c6MQ

Jai Bharateesha,



  1. Hi

    Can ladies recite raghavendra stotra ?? I recite everyday.. I jus want to confirm


    Comment by Archana — December 26, 2012 @ 9:38 am | Reply

    • Ladies should not chant Raghavendra stotra ; there are devara namas instead

      Comment by hrishikesh — December 28, 2012 @ 6:56 am | Reply

  2. Is it all stotras that we shud avaoid and only concentrate on devaranamas ??? I would like to know more on this so plzz update me..

    Comment by Archana — December 28, 2012 @ 7:02 am | Reply

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