Phalastuti of Each Shloka

1.  Vak siddhi (power of speech)

2.  Jnana siddhi (Knowledge Frutifies or good thinking)

3.  Remedy for diseases

4.  Mantra siddhi (gets efficiency for all mantras)

5.  Parakrama siddhi (valour)

6.  Friendship

7.  Freedom from bondage

8.  Relief from mental distress

9.  Happiness from women

10. Happiness from children

11. Victory over enemies

12. Overcome sorrow

13. Remove poverty

14. Gain respect

15. Hari bhakti siddhi (grace of God)

16. Moksha ( eternal liberation )

17. Gain manly vigor

18. Improve power of medicines

19. Physical strength

20. Victory over enemies

21. Fulfills ones desires

22. For clearing obstacles

23. Victory in a dispute

24. For a job

25. Vak siddhi

26. Guru bhakti

27. Success in undertakings

28. Clearance from false allegations

29. Improve influence

30. Win over opponents during debates

31. Dishearten enemies

32. Protection from untimely death

33. Charming personality

34. Increase all-round skills

35. For name and fame

36. Develop detachment

37. Recover losses

38. Earn money

39. Santaana siddhi (get children)

40. Fulfillment of desires

41. Detachment



  1. Many thanks for sharing this. Can you please tell what’s the phalastuti for reciting Harikathamrutasaara ? Is it also Sandhi-wise ?

    Comment by Sri — November 8, 2010 @ 11:07 am | Reply

    • Namaste Sri,

      You are welcome. I’m not aware if there is a specific phala associated with each Sandhi.

      Sandhi 33 is called Phala Stuti Sandhi for HariKathaAmruthsaara. Each and every sandhi has phala of Gynana, Bhakti and Vairagya and all worldly pleasures as well.
      It mentions that a person with devotion even if read and writes even one letter of HariKathaAmruthsaara. All the devatas will be favourable to him. Each and every Sandhi mentions thousands of roopas of Sri Hari.

      My first blog entry was for HKAS Sandi 28. Vigneshwara Stotra Sandhi


      Please visit it.

      Hope this helps.

      Jai Bharateesha,

      Comment by hrishikesh — November 8, 2010 @ 2:53 pm | Reply

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