Vishnu Sahasra Nama

Jai Vijayaraya,

Jai VyasaRaya,

Jai Bedi Anjaneya,

Hare Srinivasa !!!

Since the topic of Sri Vishnu SahasraNama has been raise. Few pointers on this

Learned readers please point out any mistakes, I’m ever ready to learn.

SriMadAchaya mentions that there are at least a 100 meanings for each word in Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, when challanged; he demonstrates 100 meanings of 1st word Vishvam. He asks the scholars to repeat whatever he said, they fall at his feet. This was a revolutionary discovery at that time ! People were shocked to see the depth of knowledge !!!

Each word of Sahasranama has immense depth.
– Pranava first part (out of eight ) “Aa”kar roopa is Vishwa
– Bimba moorthy of Sri Ganesh
– This is the first word of Sahasranama
– the pratibimba i.e. Sri Ganesh is worshiped first ( Because of above reasons )
– Roopa of Sri Hari present in right eye.
– Central head of Elephant (pratibimba Sri Ganesh has Elephant head); 9 human heads to left and 9 human heads to right.
– Protects jiva during jagrat avasta or waking state.

–  One who pervades the Universe   Vis- to enter ; one who enters the universe and prevades it. [Purusha evedam vishvam]

–  PariPoorna – Vishvam  means krthsnam in amarkosha ; Sri Hari is poorna in every aspect

– Vishwam means transendence and imminence – Transendence – Trivikrama avataar and imminence – Narasimha avataara, similarly means Vamana Avataara as well

Matsya avataara –  Mundaka Upanishad says, ‘ brahma vedam visvam varishtam,’  hence visvam means Veda; one who rescued the Vedas from hyagrivasura

– Varaha Avataara – Varaha avataara is described as mahaavaraaho visvaathma

Koorma Avataara – reference through AadiKoorma who bears the VayuKoorma and Aadishesha who in turns bears the universe.

– Parshuram Avataara – as he travelled the whole world conquering kings during his DigVijaya

– Sri RamaAvataara – Vishvam – Veda – which is authority on Dharma – Sri Rama – Vigrahavan Dharma – embodiment of Dharma

– Sri Krishna Avataara – Poorna and All Prevailing – Sri Krishna has displayed Vishwaroopa avataaras to show that he is PariPoorna and also lilas of All Pervasiveness

This is just a sample  imagine each word in the Sahasranama having such depth. Hence Rudra Devaru says – Soham ekana shlokena – Understanding and reciting even one shloka with devotion will grant all results.

In TantraSaraSangraha SriMadAcharya explains each and every alphabet and sound has a paramatma roopa associated with it. So I’ll just give an example.
Splitting of words –
#1 ) Vishwam = Va + ee + sh + va + am = Varaha + eKAtma + shadguNa+Varaha+antaH
With these roopas you can explain each roopa , explain their position and explain different permutations and combinations.
Varaha is Yagna roopa, ….
#2) Vishwam = Vi + sh + Vam = Vishnu (Vi is abbreviation for Vishnu) + shadguNa + Veda Vyasa (Vam is beeja mantra for Sri Hari Veda Vyasa roopa. Vam VedaVysaya Namaha, Vam is beeja mantra for amrutha)

Each way you split it gives many meanings for each split.

HariPrasad has with great earnest compiled a wonderful website dedicated to Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama.  Please visit this site as well, it has a lot of material for learning Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama.


BharatiRamanaMukhyaPranaAntarGata SriKrishnarpanamastu,



  1. Wonderful Hrishikeshji. Many thanks for explaining this meaning. 🙂 Please keep writing more.


    Comment by K — November 7, 2010 @ 1:42 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for the encouragement ! Hope to write a lot more !!! 🙂

      Comment by hrishikesh — November 8, 2010 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

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