Since this site is “Work In Progress”, I’ll be tweaking and tuning the site.

Instead of subscribing to individual pages, I’ll provide regular updates about changes to the site in this page.

Please subscribe to this page, I’ll provide a update whenever I complete some task. Readers are welcome to suggest changes or change priority of the tasks.

Pending Tasks


1. Highlight shlokas, improve formatting to make shlokas more readable

( Completed for NakhaStuti )

2. Complete VayuStuti shlokas

4,8,9,10,11,12,16,17, 26, 34,36,37,38,39,40 &41

3. Complete Parayana Shlokas section


Sri Narasimha Dhyana Mantra
Sri Laxmi Dhyana Mantra


4. Make a new page for each shloka.

5.  Raghavendra’s suggestion Provide Sri Nakha Stuti and Sri Hari Vayu Stuti in Devanagiri/Kannada Format.

6. Raghavendra’s suggestion Provide all references in Devanagiri/Kannada Format.

*7. Madi

*8. Sandhyavandane



1. Formatted Nakha Stuti.

2. Create a new Page FAQ as per K’s suggestion for queries.

3. Shloka 35 done.

4. Shloka 19, 20 updated

5. Shloka 21 added

6. Shloka 25 added

Update 5-Nov-2010 3:00 AM GMT

I am trying to finish, the shlokas, but I feel there are some other things I need to finish before I resume that.

7. Added a new page for introduction about Vishnu Sahasra Nama

8. New Page on Dhyana Snana (Even though on other website, felt like it should be here as well)

9. New Page on Concept of Boons (Felt like it would be more cohesive here as well)

10. New Page on SuMadhvaVijaya added.

05-Nov-2010 8:15 PM GMT

11. How to Eat – Pancha Prana Ahuti Page added

9-Nov-2010 12:37 AM GMT

12. Update shloka 7

13. Added shlokas 13, 14 and 15

12-Nov-2010 11:15 PM GMT

Been reading a lot of material, Vyasa Yogi Charitre, NyayaAmruta and Brahma Sutra Bashya. Felt like BrahmaSutras need to be exposed. A rough idea needs to be given. I’m amazed at the depth of Vyasarayaru; truly multi-faceted personality, with Sri Vyasarayaru’s blessings I should be able to present a brief of NyayaAmruta.

13. New Page published Bramha Sutra -I (Brahma Sutra -II will be out shortly)

15-Nov-2010 6:30 PM GMT

On Occasion of Sri VijayaDasara Aradhane on 16,17 and 18th Nov.  A small article on Sri VijayDasaru.

14. New Page for Sri VijayaDasaru

19-Nov-2010 12:28 GMT

Saw a small translation of Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma ! Got inspired and by grace Sri Hari Vayu, attempted a small transaltion

15. New Page explaining some of the meanings of the eternal song “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma” by Dasa Sreshta Sri Purandara Dasaru.


16. I’m in Bangalore,India this week. I’m also in the process of shifting my house. I’ll respond to replies once I get a bit more free time

17. I’ve uploaded some photos of Sri VijayDasaru Katte of my recent India trips.

Still setting up house after recent move. Shared internet connection at home; will update once I get settled in.

18. Added SundarKanda Page.

19. Climbing Tirumala hills page added

20. Added NakhaStuti in Devanagiri format


21. Added 1st Shloka in Devanagiri format
English version is being written in a format that most transliteration softwares can convert into native font.

Many updates will be happening in the next month or so.

Jai Bharateesha,



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